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Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd was founded in 1972 and begun as a workshop that provided technical support and service in the professional refrigeration market. In time the company decided to create its own production line of professional refrigerators which met a huge success in the local market. With investments and good care of its products and procedures year-by-year the company improved its quality...

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"There's things that you can't get a quote for; such as understanding, business ethics and professionalism. These are just as important as good prices and good products! My friends at ALASKA REFRIGERATORS offer all these and more. That's part of the reason why I've been a satisfied customer for more than 10 years. At least I know there's a professional company backing me up every step of the way. Good prices, quality products, excellent service! What more could I ask for?"


Areos 36, 2232 - Latsia, P.O.Box 25189, 1307 - Nicosia, Tel. 22482082 / Fax. 22487010

Άρεως 36, 2232 - Λατσια, Τ.Θ. 25189, 1307 - Λευκωσία, Τηλ. 22482082 / Φαξ. 22487010