Refrigerators Industry Ltd

ALASKA REFRIGERATORS INDUSTRY LTD was founded in 1972 and begun as a workshop that provided technical support and service in the professional refrigeration market. In time the company decided to create its own production line of professional refrigerators which met a huge success in the local market. With investments and good care of quality procedures within its production line year-by-year the company improved its quality to the best possible level. The idea was to offer great products at very affordable prices, followed by the best possible after-sales service. In 1982 Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd began exporting its products mainly to Arab countries and Greece, were it still continues to do so until today. Since 1988 the company also began manufacturing and distributing high quality, heavy duty, stainless steel products and hotel/restaurant catering equipment. Since then Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd has established itself as one of the leaders in the field, having supplied numerous hotels and restaurants with its products.

At present Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd manufactures and distributes commercial and professional refrigeration units such as bottle coolers, display refrigerators, cold rooms, walk-in freezers, counter and upright kitchen refrigerators and commercial freezers. It also manufactures stainless steel products of all kinds, like work-counters, tables, sinks, shelves, racks etc. Our company also trades professional catering equipment for hotels and restaurants as well as food processing equipment and specialized products (humidity chambers, data logging automations, alarm systems etc)

Our company has already aligned its manufacturing process with European and International Health requirements and standards. Our quality procedures are governed by the ISO 9001 : 2015 quality system. Furthermore our company is the first company in Cyprus to offer its whole production line, as well as custom made refrigerators, with the CE MARKING declaration of conformity. Also our company has also very recently been awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural resources and Environment, the certification required by law to install, maintain and service all types of refrigeration machinery. This certification even includes refrigeration machinery that fall under the European Directive 517.2014.EK regarding the handling of fluorinated refrigerant material. The certificate was awarded after a knowledge and practical assessment held by the City & Guilds association. You can find more information about our quality procedures in the Quality section of this website.         

Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd currently represents the most established manufacturers in the field of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering equipment. We are the official distributors of OLIS CATERING EQUIPMENT, one of the first and largest Catering Equipment manufacturing companies and certainly amongst the leaders of the field. We also represent the PLATINUM line of Professional Dishwashing Machines by DIHR. Dihr is a well established Italian manufacturer and the Platinum line is its premium line reserved for trading by the best companies in each country. In the field of Cold Room manufacturers we represent the companies INCOLD, FRIULINOX and COLDMARK. These manufacturers are well established and offer high quality products at affordable prices. For Professional Convection Ovens we also work with ELOMA, a German manufacturer of Convection Ovens with Digitalized Automations and Patented Systems that most of the other well known brands have to copy in order to stay in competition. In the field of Food Processing Equipment we also work with the best. Italian company FIMAR is one of the largest suppliers of Food Processing Equipment in the world. The list of our suppliers is endless and includes the names of many of the best manufacturing companies in the world like INOX PIAVE and BENDONI INOX of Stainless Steel products, FORCAR, D.G.D, TECNODOM, DOMI, NIKI-INOX, UNIS and MOVILFRIT for Professional Refrigeration products, JOHNY for Professional Bar Equipment, MASTERFROST and STAFF for Ice Machines and NORTH and BRETOS for Doner Machines, Ovens and Rottiseries. You can find more information about our representations and products in the respective sections of this website.        

Our company continues to provide quality products at affordable prices, followed by top of the range technical assistance and services. Our company is also committed to bringing technologically innovative products to the Cyprus market. Very recently our company has become the official distributor of VITO oil filter system, the oil filter system from Germany that won the 'Innovative product of the Year 2011' award. Also in the end of 2012 we became the official distributors of NIECO BROILERS in Cyprus, the largest Broiler manufacturer in the world. In 2019 we started co-operation with Dutch company MAXIMA an imported and distributor of many types of products for all needs. All these products offered with the guarantee that comes with the ALASKA name