Refrigerators Industry Ltd

ALASKA REFRIGERATORS INDUSTRY LTD was founded in 1972 and that alone is proof of the quality of our products and services. But we are aware time alone is not sufficient proof of high quality. We ensure the quality of our products and services by using certified quality assurance systems as well as management systems. This way we can be certain that the quality of our products is constant and in line with the current EU Policies and Directives

Our company has already aligned its manufacturing process with European and International Health requirements and standards. Its quality procedures are governed by the ISO 9001 : 2015 quality system. Furthermore our company is the first company in Cyprus to offer its whole production line as well as custom made refrigerators with the CE MARKING declaration of conformity. Also our company has also very recently been awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural resources and Environment, the certification required by law to install, maintain and service all types of refrigeration machinery. This certification even includes refrigeration machinery that fall under the European Directive 517.2014.EK regarding the handling of fluorinated refrigerant substances. The certificate was awarded after a knowledge and practical assessment held by the City & Guilds association.    

Our company uses materials that are friendly to the environment and only handles ozone-friendly refrigerants such as R134a, R404a and R290. Also all of our products, refrigerated or thermal, are insulated with polyurathane foam to avoid loss of energy and therefore reduce the energy consumption. Both our technicians and consultants are well aware of the H.A.C.C.P policies regarding the analysis of critical control points when dealing with food stuff. Moreover ALASKA REFRIGERATORS INDUSTRY LTD is in agreement with GREEN-DOT and WEEE ELECTROCYCLOSIS CYPRUS for the handling of packaging and electrical/ electronical waste.


Furthermore Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd represents only the most established manufacturers in the field of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering equipment. We are the official distributors of some of the best and largest manufacturers, including: OLIS CATERING EQUIPMENTPLATINUM Dishwashing Machines, INCOLD, FRIULINOX, ELOMA G.m.b.H, FIMAR / FORCAR, JOHNY, NORTH PROGAS, SYSTEMFILTRATION, NIECO BROILERS and MAXIMA. These manufacturers are well known for producing high quality products with the highest respect both for the customer and the environment. Therefore when you buy from ALASKA REFRIGERATORS INDUSTRY LTD you can be sure you buy THE BEST MONEY CAN BUY.